Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Blogs that inspire me

I am really new to creating this space, I am still not 100% sure quite what I want to do with it. Part of me thinks this will be a place for me to share all of the things I love, but there is another bigger part that is so happy with how my life is at the moment I almost am afraid of forgetting it.
Don't get me wrong, I have loads still to achieve but I have this relatively new job that i finally feel as though i am getting the hang of, friends that are in totally different places but we still have an appreciation for each other, our search for the most perfect house might actually be over!! And a husband who I just couldn't ask any more of, he is just brilliant. He lets me cause arguments so that i can resolve whatever it is i am working through. He is patient and he inspires me to try to love him the way he loves me.

I have to be honest, Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet was one of the main blogs that i follow that inspired me just to give this a go and figure out the point as I go along.
Rachel of Smile and Wave is so colourful and sharing of her life that i felt it important for me to jump and see what i could create in my spare time.
Finally, Miss James of Bleu Bird Vintage intrigued me into sharing our journey in this crazy world. I love the pictures of her little baby and she has really helped me get into vintage fashion.

So, there it is, just an honest blog that maybe one day i will figure out the purpose of!! Do you ever feel the same? Is this common with blogging?

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