Sunday, 6 March 2011

Beauty on a budget ... Part 1 Bicarbonate of soda

Well, after a fruitful day car booting (therefore spending) I felt like a bit of a pamper (but on a budget) this evening. I really love Clinique products but the cost reflects the quality!!
I use the number 2 range I think, its about combintion skin anyway. As I am still early twenties my skin is very erratic and sometimes its really ok, and other times I just want to scream!!

Today was one of those days, I hadn't washed my hair because I wanted to dye it but I felt really ugly for most of the day! Just one of things that I am sure most ladies can relate to... so I popped a little Baby talc in my roots to make them less shiny. This is something I really rely on these days otherwise I would have to wash my hair every day and I just don't have the time. But to the point.....

Teeth Whitening
I am only speaking from experience and would really recommend speaking to your dentist before trying this, I use Bicarbonate of soda to whiten my teeth. It costs about 50p from tesco's in the home baking aisle and its brilliant! It has so many exciting uses I am sure my home will never be without it. All I do is mix a teaspoon with a little water to make a paste. I then use my toothbrush to spoon it onto my teeth - DO NOT swallow whilst brushing your teeth in the normal way. It will taste disgusting. I wont lie! However, if you do this every other day and only once a day  - on the other occasions just use your normal toothpaste, I use a sensitive pronamel one to in theory help build the enamel where you have just stripped it with the bicarb. I am amazed by my results and it is something I have stuck with for quite a few months now.

This sounds very clinical but its not! Basically, your skin is always growing and shedding. But it can build up and it helps to remove it to bring out the new more youthful skin underneath. Again, speaking from my own experience, I have found that using 3 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda with water will really tighten your pores and strip back the skin. It is vitally important that you do not do this too often as it would probably make the skin raw and red. I use this skin treatment once a week just to freshen my face and dry out any spots.If you have any trouble with sensitive skin I would suggest doing a test patch somewhere hidden just in case!! Once you have rinsed the paste off of your face, towel dry. Make sure you wait until your skin goes shiny before applying your moisturiser to let your skin breathe. Then I would suggest a rich moisturiser as you have taken a good layer of skin off.

The above beauty treatments are things I have developed myself and therefore only tried on myself. I have not had negative effects but that doesn't mean you wont. Therefore, if you try any of my ideas do not expect the same results.

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