Sunday, 24 April 2011

Taking a slower pace ...

It seems to me that life can get hectic really quickly and die down in a similar fashion too. We are waiting for so many things at the moment ... most of them involving the house (what a long process that is!)

I have had a lot of time out of college recently and I think this has opened my mind up to realise just how much time it takes up. Don't get me wrong I love fitting it all in but its crazy how much I really do fit in. I started a post a little while back about dieting and I feel like I am on hold until we get into our home. I guess its just like life really and I should just hurry up and get on with it!!

The bunting still hasn't been started - I have misplaced packed my white sheet that will form the basis of the triangle bunting, so I am going to have to buy another one. Which wouldn't normally be a problem, apart from it being easter and everywhere being closed!! So hopefully I will be starting it tomorrow (once I have picked up a sheet.) In the mean time I will be making some fabric hearts for our house. I have some dresses in mind too that I have been drawing to try and make sure I remember what my plans are for them!!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Frugal Living

So since we were told we could be moving in around the 4th of May, my mind is set on how can we pay off this mortgage??!
It is crazy that it has taken us nearly 18 months to get a house and finances sorted enough to even achieve this and I am already thinking about how to get rid!

But obviously get rid in a good way! I don't think anyone wants to have a mortgage all of their life and dreams of paying it off early. Well our situation is a little different and we should be able to - provided we are frugal and careful - pay off our mortgage long before it is due if we can live well within our means.

There are also a  few limiting factors that may change our situation such as loss of job, children and loss of job, expensive taste and probably most importantly would be loosing sight of our ultimate goal. To own our home and not need to work as much for an equivalent lifestyle.

Which of course, prompted me to search frugal living and is why I ended up here. So who knows, with all these tips I seem to be picking up I might get to use them at some point!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

I get lost goggling

I really am terrible for sitting down of an evening and goggling what is on my mind, then getting some great ideas and not doing anything with them! So I thought I might compile a few bits and pieces to see whether I can make myself get around to it.

My latest search is on the Money Saving Expert forum, I am thinking a lot about our budget and what I hope to achieve for our little house. My first hurdle is our food, I want to get us eating better so that we can feel a bit better in ourselves. The second consideration is the amount of money I can potentially save from our food budget. My plan is that any extra money from our budget each month can go into savings for our bigger purchases. We have plans for a wardrobe, big telly and new car that all come with hefty price tags!

I am convinced that the way forward for us is a rotational meal plan where the food has been brought using coupons and special offers - that way as long as our freezer is big enough - we should be able to survive if we don't always have 2 incomes.

My friend also helped me take a look out our budget and although we aren't moving in just yet I feel happy and positive to be in control of our finances when it happens - hopefully just 2 more weeks!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Whilst the Mister is away .....

I go to my mums!
I volunteered myself to help out making a scrap book for a lovely gentleman that is retiring from the company I work at towards the end of April. Little did I know how loved he truly was that my inspiration was kinda dampened by the amount to fit in!!!

It was so nice to see a person so very truly valued by the organisation he has given 48 years of his life to. So luckily the Mister has gone out of town for 4 days - 4 days! I am coping....... just about!I will post pictures of my layouts just as soon as I get home to my camera. A one night stay has turned into 2...

Being in my Mums house is really good fun, we talk a whole lot and I feel like I realign my path with what I thought when I was younger. Life has some funny turns. Just got to be happy. I think thats why I love this sign too much.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Healthy eating on a budget

When we eventually move into our new home saving money (to pay the bills!!) is going to be a high priority for me, I know we can afford to live in our new home but I want to make sure that we aren't limited to only living in our house - I mean if we want to go on a night out I want there to be money for it, I want us to go on holiday if we want to, all things that will cost us money. As with any budget there are certain areas that can be trimmed in order to save money where as there are other areas that just wont be in my control to save any money.

Therefore I have been devising a meal planner that will span a month and should enable us to bulk cook at the beginning of the month - using fresh veg and the cooker once. This food will then be reheated in order to feed us over the month with nutritious and satisfying meals. It means I will know exactly how much we have spent and I wont be thinking about what we are having for dinner because it will already be done! If I ever get to be this organised I will be amazed!!!!

This Quinoa recipe caught my eye on the Martha Stewart website, Quinoa is relatively cheap and is a good thickener. I am keen to get us eating more foods like this because they are low GI and will help increase our variety of meals with little cost.

If I can, I would like to get us eating foods like this that will boost our immune systems and take care of us from the inside out. I will keep you posted on that front as I am sure this is talked about with the best of intentions .......

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Royal Wedding preparations

I have been invited to a ladies day celebration on the 29th April in aid of the Royal Wedding, I am really excited at this themed idea because it means I get to make some bunting!!

I had a quick flick over google to see what I could come across and as far as tutorials go I think I will be creating my own, nothing was as inspiring as I had hoped. This one was probably the closest to what I am looking for Bunting Tutorial. I think this may be down to the picture!!

The above is taken from the tutorial and it is the kind of thing I am looking to create. I will be going down the St.George's flag route as it is simpler and I have the red and white fabric already!! I just need to sit and cut it all out!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Figuring out these buttons

After some searching I have found this really useful tutorial on how to make your own button, I have been playing with this Useful Link all evening and finally I have done it! (As you can see from my sidebar!!) 

So far I am enjoying creating this blog because it makes me take pictures and really think about the things I am doing - how I want to remember them, how I want to be remembered even.

I have found this little project really interesting, I know a few things are happening to us at the moment and it would be really cool to have them journalled. Especially with little hints to get the creative juices flowing! I really like the idea of the house journal, just to take the time and think about all the little reasons that make you really love your home. 

I think I will look into making one once we are in our houses - current update is that it could be 10 more weeks away!!! Which does get me down but at least its still going ahead, on the plus side we might even be able to afford a new car because of the delay in getting in and having to pay the bills! Which would be really handy as our current car is great but old, we would like a newer car that in theory would last a bit longer. I think the mister would like a faster car too but we shall see what the insurance is like! I have my eye on a black polo post 2005 because I do not like the lights on the anything newer!! I know, not a great reason to choose a car but what can I say?