Friday, 28 June 2013

Some fun things for those with children

I am always looking for new concepts, ideas and worldly wonders to show Isabelle (and challenge my inner creative). I thought I would share with you some of the things I have found although they aren't all age appropriate for a baby!!!

Firstly, I came across this lovely Play At Home Mum blog with educational games that seem quite exciting and use household items in new ways. Which is always handy!

I get so excited thinking about all the activities I just cannot wait to do with Isabelle, this blog even has some ideas I remember doing! I would love to be able to take a picture of Isabelle at a similar age to a photo of me doing something similar and giving her an album of crazy similar photos!!

With Andy being quite musical I think that these ideas will encourage Isabelle and Andy not only to play together but foster an interest in her to enjoy music.

I am all about Montessori Education at the moment so these activities are definitely in our future!

Just a few ideas, like I said it's kind of a mix of ages but with the summer holidays coming up I think anyone with children will be looking for inexpensive fun!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

I blame Mum

Thanks to Isabelle sleeping a little better (please don't jinx it - yes I believe in jinx's!!) I have made the decision to stay up for a few hours before going to sleep myself, just to do things I want to do without worrying about anyone else.

My Mum went through a phase have you seen my pinterest? I was like pfft time for pinterest would be nice, but it has become my guilty pleasure, I mean, I lose my hours on there! But I have so much inspiration brewing from it that I am excited and I have adopted the ' have you seen so and so on my pinterest?' attitude too!!!!

Join in with me on pinterest @njk12!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Time for tea

I still cannot decide what to do with this space, I would love to be creating and lead an exciting life but at the moment all I can manage is Isabelle! And the house, that's doing pretty ok at the moment.

Interestingly so is sleep, I really felt that I wouldn't be able to do the cry it out thing and I don't think I have properly as Isabelle still has one feed in the night. But I can cope! I can feel normal and function very well with just that one feed. 

So that gives me hope that this little blog and etsy shop can still exist and even - dare I say it - grow.

I feel like I am getting a creative part of me back, which is very exciting. With Isabelle's first birthday only 3 months away that is in the back of my mind, the decorations and activities. Just the nice things I want to do for her.  

Who is still around? Anyone have any suggestions for a little girlies first birthday party? I love pinterest for this very reason!