Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Weekend inspiration

So this weekend my mister is at a conference, I have a nice evening planned with some ladies from work on the Friday but I am thinking about trying to whip up a dress ready for The Royal Cornwall show in June.

Therefore I was lucky enough to come across this Making a dress pattern which actually shows you how to make the pattern as opposed to just the dress. I am not one for patterns and prefer to experiment as I go along!!! I don't think I will use it but let me know if you have any success with it. I am also hoping to get a little shopping in in the morning so who knows I might even get around to taking some pictures of my finds!

We finally have our moving date!!!!! Hurrah, on the 27th May we will officially be in our own home! So get set for pictures and tutorials of all the lovely home things I plan to make.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Long walk

The mister and I took a long walk this evening, there are some road works that I needed to figure out - because I am terribly impatient I needed to find an alternative route. Unfortunately until we move I am just going to have to be traffic.

I made an interesting necklace last night and I am still deciding what to wear it with tomorrow for work, its another cameo design with a coral background on a pearl string. I have plans to put a tutorial together for it as its mainly assembly however I am still learning how to use the camera successfully!!

We are in for a busy couple of weeks at the moment, this weekend we are off to a Tattoo Convention and both of us are considering actually taking the plunge! Next weekend the mister is away for a conference so I will be trying to get my report out of the way. Then the last weekend in May we are planning on going Camping down in Cornwall - Padstow. I am actually really excited :)

My sister is up in Leeds for uni and she told me to get out of my routine right before she left. I was a bit hurt to start with because I like my little life, however, going to the MX and this tattoo convention, camping and just thinking about doing something different has really helped me get out of a funk I was getting stuck in. If only I was as wise at 19!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I lost the plot ...

So ever since I wrote my little 25 before 25 I have managed not to blog for another week!! I must have jinxed myself by saying I wanted to blog everyday!!

I think that my list is going to have to be a bit more interactive than I initially imagined because I have already changed my mind and I thought of things I want to add! Perhaps I will have more to get done than I planned; which sounds to me like a lot of ladies I know!

Last weekend the mister and I went to watch the motocross in Landrake, Cornwall. We went on the Saturday so it was the junior qualifiers. I had a really great day and loved being sat with the old man for the whole day - who now is thinking about getting into MX.

I will post some pictures tomorrow, they aren't that exciting if you aren't into bikes.... but its good to do things together :) I was surprised by how much I did enjoy it though.

Life seems to go so quickly the older you get, I remember thinking this year is going to drag - its a transitional year for us, 2 years of marriage, another year at uni, getting settled in our house. There isn't anything major really happening (Apart from signing our lives away with the mortgage!!)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

VandCo tutorial

I have been thinking about making one of these for a really long time, so when I was having a browse of Vanessa's blog I figured there was little point in me drafting my own instructions - I will just follow her wonderfully simple instructions!

I am also thinking about making these as presents for a few people with winter birthdays, I think they are really versatile and cute! 

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Take your time

Again, I have recently been MIA. I wish I had more to say about it!! I feel like I have kind of lost my voice a little bit recently. We have had some big talks and I feel like its just been more important to focus on my relationships with family/friends for a bit.
Luckily I am feeling more like me (in control) so who knows I might even get around to posting some pictures/projects this week!!!
I have been working on a few ready for the house so that the furniture can just move in as opposed to be moved in, redesigned and then put back!! I feel as though we are making good progress with it at the moment.

Oh and I couldn't resist........

I completely loved Kate's dress and I look forward to seeing her future style develop.