Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Here comes the positivity .....

So I sat down to write this post and everything I came up with was a moan, drip or full of negativity!
Therefore I will try and gloss over them to create something much more inspirational... maybe.

Having started my first 'real' job about 6 months ago I am slowly learning that the world of work isn't somewhere you will necessarily love or look forward to. Unless you are really lucky.
Being in HR the majority of people come in with bad news or to moan or to turn their moan into bad news for me. Yet I still find myself thinking all of this is ok because I am getting what I want, the things that are important to me outside of work. At home.

At home isn't always easy because we still live in 1 room of my parents house, waiting for the illusive date we may move into our 4 bedroom new home. I am also putting myself through college to get my degree that will in theory get one step closer to having a job I completely love. I have married the most perfect man for me and cannot contemplate life without him. I know that I wouldn't be anywhere near getting our first house at 21.

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