Sunday, 20 March 2011

Busy Sunday

Today, we went to breakfast with the misters parents. We do this pretty much every Sunday and it has pretty much become our routine.The family is going through some tough times at the moment but by supporting each other I think we will be ok.

We popped into the city centre to pick up and outfit and managed to find 2. It was good for the mister to get some time with his dad, I helped his mum with the outfits which was really good because we like similar things and I wasn't spending my money!! Speaking of money, the car has to go in this week. I am not looking forward to paying that bill. Luckily I put money aside each month so that we aren't short every time something happens to it! Our little adventure car is great, but the sooner we get a more stable one the better!

After some shopping we popped over to the cinema with my mum and grandma, its her birthday in the week. We saw 'The King's Speech', it was a really interesting film and I was pleasantly surprised!!

Once the film was over we picked up our shopping for the week and just came home. I had some accountancy work to finish and the husband likes to play on the xbox. That way I don't feel guilty for not spending time with him. Tomorrow night I need to finish my reflective statement and hopefully hand that in on Wednesday. If I have time I will do some more to the accountancy essay.

If only I had time to create this dress I have in my head, I have drawn it so many times in so many different ways. The trouble is my sewing machine is caught up under a lot of motorcycle things and really I just want to move into our house to get my room all set up. I cannot wait to have my own room!!

I think it is going to be another busy week, that I am sure will just fly by!

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