Friday, 4 March 2011

Our weekend started early...

We took today and Monday off from work to have a weekend catching up and doing things we want to do. Today we went to Totnes market and picked up some fabric, lace and webbing. It was all much cheaper than picking things up in Plymouth town centre. 

Totnes is an interesting place - i love the market and the friendly feel but there is just something not quite right about the place for us. It just doesn't fit. But i cannot resist fabric nor a bargain!! I will post a picture tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we are just around Saltash but that should be good - we have a few things to pick up for the house! Then in the evening we are off out to see my Mum. And sunday the Mr and I are getting up quite early to go to Exeter car boot sales! We have made a list of the things we need to get ready to move with. Just the essentials for now!

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