Friday, 11 March 2011

Beauty on a budget ... Part 2 Cutting your own hair

This is something that my sister introduced me to about a year ago now.
Ever since Mr HB and I decided we wanted to buy our own house we have been saving like mad! It sounds silly that we are saving to get ourselves into debt but we want to own our home and have the stability of not renting, plus in England it is the done thing and makes sense for us!

So, instead of spending £40 every 6 weeks or so, I went to the 99p store and found a bargain set of scissors - that were purposefully made for hair cutting and gave it a go.
Because my hair is long I mainly just trim the ends and add some layers to give it some body.

To trim the length I flip my head of dry hair forward so I am upside down looking at my knees, brush my hair and bunch it together. Then I just take 3cm or so off of the ends in a pretty much straight line. Then I flip it back and check the length - check the ends to make sure I have all neat ends again.

To cut a layer I get a thin section and twist it between my fingers, then you take the scissors and open them so the hair is being cut by almost open scissors. Cut towards the floor so it is cut at an angle. Untwist and scrunch at the roots to see how it falls. I like to do this with random sections of hair so as not to have chunky layers. However, that is personal preference!!

If you are just starting out cutting your own hair I would advise you to do it small amounts and only take off amounts. Because you can always take more off. But you cannot put it back on!!!

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