Monday, 28 February 2011

Car Booty!

In America, they have this lovely word .... Thrifting. It sounds so very much nicer than car booting or shopping in second hand shops. Yet they mean the same thing! Trouble is with the English we just love to be blunt and sarcastic. 

These are my treasures! Mr HB likes his coffee and once we move into our first home together I know that this coffee set will be well used! I have the most perfect sunday planned for our first day together in our home. I will share that once it happens! 

The van is a tin from Marks and Spencer's christmas biscuit range. Trouble is I am a sucker for tins and I can just imagine our future children keeping their cars in here. 

We are off for a nice walk tonight seen as its not raining for a change! Hopefully I will come back with some lovely evening pictures. 

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Laura Ashley Lampshade restyle

This is my first attempt at a tutorial, tutorials are something I want to be able to publish so that you can benefit from my ideas but also if I need to repeat anything I have a record of where to start!!

We picked up both of these at Trago Mills, the lampshades were £2.99 each and the spray paint was £3.99. There was enough paint for both of the lampshades and a small photo frame. This definitely cost less than what it would have in Laura Ashley!!

This is all you need:

Even though I did this outside, I put down some old newspaper because of the spray paint getting everywhere! Now, there is a technique to spray painting - something Mr HB (Mr Home Bird) had down much better than I! Spray with a sweeping arm; imagine you are waving slowly like the queen! 

Try to just coat the metal initially so that you don't get drip lines, more of a tacky surface. 

Otherwise this is what you will get! 

Once we move into our new home -  a post for a later date - I will take a picture of these 2 in situ.
This didn't take us long at all, the paint drying was our only hold up.We popped out in between the rugby halves! So glad England won again!

Who am I

I am a twenty something married lady with a gem of a husband, we are trying to buy our first house together (more on that later) we are both studying whilst working full time so life is kinda busy at the moment.

My aim in life is to enjoy it and never forget.
I know this may seem strange because everyone has things they would rather forget, but I think these are even more valuable than the decisions we like about our lives. Getting stronger and learning from the ones we don't like so much are, in my opinion, what define us.

I love bargains, I love saving money but still getting what you want. This is why I have developed a tendency to make things myself. If I see something I like, I will draw it roughly or take a picture and then set about finding how I will make it - always with the aim of it costing less than what I should have paid.