Friday, 28 September 2012

My latest interests #11

I am writing this weeks interests with my sweet baby nuzzled into my chest, unfortunately she doesn't know that night times are for sleeping yet and so I too should be napping.

Instead, my body says its daytime oh no you dont!!

I am surprised by how quickly I can relate to this post, after a week with baby girl I know this space is less of a priority but I still feel like I am adjusting and need to give things more time. I mean Natalie has 2 children to look after and I am still getting used to one!!

On a more positive note one of my friends has taken to blogging, she also manages to juggle a lot with two children already and another due in November. I guess these are both proof I need to give myself a break really.

This website has been really useful for information - as with anything its worth judging to see whether it suits your family, but for the most part it is just reassuring to me. Establishing good sleep habits is something I have been reading about for a while and now its actually prudent I hope I am making good decisions!

From the same website these ideas for toys and play have given me some ideas for things to try out once she is a bit more awake.

I love Smile and Wave, I have been a reader for probably about 2 years now and was certainly a part of motivating me to keep my own blog. Recently the DIY's have been super cute and always get me thinking about the space in my home.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Simple Mummy style

This is another post written whilst I was pregnant, I read that it wasn't great to be using nail varnish when pregnant and because I wasn't that bothered I just stopped doing it on the odd occasion I fancied it.
However I did find that my nails grew lovely whilst I was pregnant. So I kept on top of maintaining them. I used to do this once a week before bed and it never took more than 10 minutes, IMO it made me look as though I did care and keep my nails just like painting them shows effort.

I started by filing and shaping them

Then I used the scratchiest board on this nifty nail file to sand off the ridges on my nails to make them smooth and healthy looking.

Turning over the file I used a finer board to really buff the nail nicely

Turning the file for the last time  (So back to the original position) I used the polishing board to bring through a healthy shine. 

 I picked up this buffer board from Pound Land whether you can find one or something similar I would totally recommend them. I love mine, I genuinely like that my nails look cared for but not to over done.

It also means I can keep my nails short so that I don't hurt my little baby!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Mummy Motivation

So I am still pregnant writing this but I have spent a lot of pregnancy promising myself that I cannot let myself become a mum that doesn't take care of herself and let things become too much for me.

I know that I need to find a way of incorporating the baby into any routine or exercise plans I have, but I am sure I can do it. Maybe not right away and quite probably it will be baby steps to start with. I just know that I need to keep my relationship with Andy just as much as I need to keep my happiness with me. Which means I have a lot on my plate!

Yet when there are dresses like these out there, a girl gets excited and motivation kicks in again!! All dresses are from ModCloth

I can definitely see a pattern forming!! 

I think this one <<< might be my favourite!

So who knows, I might treat myself to one of these as I start achieving my weight loss goals. You are more likely to see me thrifting and sharing the awesome scoops I find once I am happier. I definitely want to wear more dresses and I think I will need to invest in some good tights and flats after winter is done - I have enough boots to be happy for now!

What is your motivation? Do you have any tips for me?!

Friday, 21 September 2012

My latest interests #10

I am writing this before the baby arrives - a little cheat I know, but I enjoy browsing the internet so it just makes sense! Also from a comment by my sister a few weeks ago I have included pictures where possible!!!

  • Sugar scrub cubes, I have wanted to make sugar scrubs for ages and still haven't gotten myself around to it, I don't know if its difficult or if I think I wont like it after all the effort I would have to go to. Therefore, I haven't tried it yet! This recipe doesn't look too difficult though! 

  • This DIY hair refresher is something I think I would like to try and make but it does make me nervous how much mess might come from it! I currently switch between talc and Batiste (effective, but it is just too expensive) So I am not sure if this is something I will try or not .....

Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Arrival

Just a quick update, our beautiful baby made a smooth entrance to our family on Sunday 16th September at 5:31am.

We are both doing brilliantly and finding our feet with each other.

So for those who guessed boy............... you were mistaken! Isabelle Jane weighed a healthy 8lb 6oz and is a delight.

I will be taking a break for as long as it takes until I feel I can add the blog to our new life. With regards to my previous post about how much I share of her with the internet the jury is still out! At the moment I want to keep her very much to myself :D

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How to set up a Button Swap with Passionfruit Ads

This is an account of the steps I have taken to set up my button swap, I am sure there are other ways and I am sure you should do what suits you!

Firstly I had to set up an account with Passionfruit. This is simple go here and follow the instructions.

Follow the passionfruit instructions on how to embed the 2 different codes and where to place them in your layout. (I obviously use blogger for hosting so can answer simple questions on this bit if necessary)

Then -  still on passionfruit you need to decide on what you are offering and how much you are charging. The best bit about using passionfruit to manage your swap is that it is free and takes all admin hassle out of sponsorship/advertising because people can purchase the space at any time of the month, knowing when their turn will actually start.You still get to decide who you want to advertise on your blog and can view their information before approving the ad.

Once the codes in behind are set up it is really just about publicising your swap and getting others to come on board. Using things like the weekly link ups - there is literally something everyday if you are that inclined!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Baby Privacy

Taking pictures of my new born has always been a priority of mine and probably any parent that realises how quickly they grow; I have so many crafts planned for the pictures and I want to treasure the memories for years to come.


I am trying to decide how much to share here. I mean, I have learnt over the last few weeks this blog needs to be about documenting my growing family life as opposed to catering to what people want to read because I just don't have that focus at the moment. 

So, is water marking enough? 

I found this article recently on a blog I keep up with and to be honest it scared me, anything I write, create and post here creates some kind of mark forever. That is forever available for anyone to do anything with. Do I want that for my child?

At least with instagram there seems to be little way of changing the image - but it can still be lied about. 

I have also read about tutorials being stolen and passed off as someone else's work. For me, this is annoying but not the end of the world, except this lady used her children as the models. That's where I struggle, because it becomes personal. 

I am still deciding what I will share and whether I will do something similar to other Mum bloggers whereby they use pictures of the back of the children instead of sharing their faces. I may decide to watermark every photo across the most inconvenient part of the picture. Or I might just decide that my baby is just too private to share in this space. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Weeks 39 - 40

Here is to hoping I don't get to week 41 or a dreaded week 42!

My 5th week at home was week 40, I was hopeful that baby would arrive sooner rather than later and that by now we would be adapting to a new life!

That said I guess my baby needs some extra cooking time and I am certainly not going to do anything to upset this babe.

39 weeks - having to wear my maternity clothes pretty much exclusively now

40 weeks - and fed up!

I was hoping not to even quite reach 40 weeks - more have a surprise instead of a waiting game.

Friday, 14 September 2012

My latest interests #9

This week has been a strange week for me, going overdue and the stresses that comes with has not been fun! I am just hoping this baby makes an appearance soon! You can be sure I wont be updating this space as frequently but follow me on instagram (@njk12) for undoubted baby world updates!
  • I am swapping buttons with Oh So Amelia for September, she recently wrote a post showing all of us off! Pop over and say hi!
  • This is the next recipe I want to try, I am relatively ok at making shortbread so I think rolling it out might make it better!! 
  • Reading Danielle's post about staying home really makes me think about what I will choose once my maternity ends and a decision actually needs to be made.
  • Through Amazon, I have discovered this great bead and button shop I am keeping an eye out for Christmas presents and to keep some gifts ready in case in my baby brain I forget birthdays/need a quick gift!!!!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

2 days overdue

Title says it all really!

I was really hoping that I wouldn't have time to post any extras this week because I was too busy cooing over our new arrival.

Alas, it was not to be! I am sat here 2 days overdue, carrot cake in the oven. Majority of my cleaning done - I am just finding extra bits to do so that I am busy rather than sat around thinking about how uncomfortable and ready to meet this baby I am!!

I have had a very productive morning, which is good and hopefully if the bay could arrive soon would mean that visitors might be pleasantly surprised at how together my house is and be greeted by home made treats! Pahh, I have probably jinxed myself now!!

My friend has been brilliant at supporting me through my entire pregnancy but especially these last few days, she is pregnant with her third baby and has just been a fountain of knowledge! I am working on a thank you present for her and a cute little gift for her new arrival. They already have most things but I am hoping to give her an extra special present.

I have been thinking about christmas (again, feel like I am kinda obsessed already this year) and I think I know what I am doing for most people, which is a relief because one day when baby does arrive I might not have a whole lot of time!!

I am off to bake some Cinnamon Rolls because Andy just cannot get enough of these for the moment?!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


*Another one of those personal posts that I share because I feel like its my therapy. I was reading this blog when I realised how much progress I have made in myself and I feel like when I get my blog made into keepsake books I want to remember patience and perseverance paid off!*

I have written here before about PCOS and how I felt about that - being a 20 year old relatively newly wed discovering having children might require medical assistance, dealing with my own personal feelings about all of that side of things. But really just how I felt complete and incomplete at exactly the same time.

Andy and I are made for us, by whatever force that is - God, Spiritual or fate. Whatever, Andy and I are just custom made for each other.

So when I fell pregnant in January and we started this whole new journey together I wasn't sure how to feel. Sounds crazy because having children was always on the cards for us, having children young was also very likely to be on the cards for us seen as we were married at 19. But this bit was supposed to be difficult, I varied between feeling scared and completely in awe of being pregnant.

Throughout my pregnancy I have talked about feeling ungrateful for this blessing I am carrying because its hard work. It is still hard work and I don't believe I will look back on my pregnancy with completely rose tinted glasses and say I loved it, but I love our child and that's what has made me realise as hard as it has been at times, I would do it all over again. I would change things, I would change my attitude towards certain aspects (!!) but when we finally meet our baby I know I would do it all over again and more if that was necessary.

How do I not feel completely overwhelmed by that?! I don't know, this acceptance just sits better than the guilt I have felt. Past tense now thank fully. It was a part of the process for me. Now I am ready to share so much more with Andy and experience a whole new aspect of our relationship and personalities. I am excited for christmas as a family of three, I am excited just to be a family of three! I know that whatever is coming its how it should be and I am so, so happy to be at this stage in my life.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

FREE button swap

Since last month this little space has come on leaps and bounds! I have gone from 3 GFC followers to currently 78!! Which is amazing! I have had over a 1000 views this passed month alone so this is definitely a growing space to be a part of!

I have made a separate page that contains all of the information for you to browse :)

Basically the reason for me wanting to hold a button swap is that I get to find more bloggers out there with similar interests.

By using passionfruit ads I am taking the management out of it - best of all it is free to host an ad swap through them! How does it get any better?! By using code HBE at the checkout its all free!! I also have a post coming up about how to set a swap up - it is so simple, but if you do have any questions feel free to leave me a comment below!

So if you think it is something you might be interested in take a look at this page and we can go from there. If you would prefer to discuss things just leave me a message with your email address and I will get back to you. I am due the 11th of September so if things take a couple days to sort out my end please forgive me!!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Not a craving as such

I am kinda in love with cookies at the moment....

Not great considering baby doesn't need the gunk and I certainly don't after not being that active for 9 months.

Still, I thought I would share why I seem to be so obsessed at the moment.....

Potato chip cookies - I am such a savory girl at heart that the thought of these just makes me so excited!
Same for Emma's Chocolate chip and sea salt cookies. They just look so delish I want to eat them all!!

Trouble is I know if I make one batch not only will I eat them all, I know I wont be able to stop myself from making them.

I did give in and make a more traditional batch which turned into a tray bake!! Oooops.

Tasted good though!!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Impromptu date night

Last night, Andy and I put our laptops to one side and left our phones in the kitchen to have some us time. 

We ordered in pizza!!!!
(How naughty is that?!!?)

We ate too much, we then ate sweets and chocolate....
We watched We bought a Zoo and really enjoyed it! Luckily we don't live too far so we are hoping to go there once the baby is a bit bigger. I think we even have pictures of me as a toddler by the tigers of this zoo so it would be lovely to have something similar for our children. :D

Friday, 7 September 2012

My latest interests #8

I haven't been out as much this week because I am in a bit of pain with the weight of the baby in my pelvis now. So I have spent quite a lot of time finishing little bits and searching the internet! Yay for latest interests!

I have also been blessed with visits from friends and made my due date date so that I am not completely depressed should this baby not appear!! But I am making myself walk, hoover and bounce on the birthing ball as much as possible to get things going.
  • Amazon Prime's free trial has been a great experience so far, I signed up to get hubbys books delivered before he starts back at College.. These college days (9am-7pm) will be the first time I am left alone with the baby!!!! As long as you remember to cancel it within the 30 day period you are not charged which means a month of free next day delivery!
  • We have been invited to a Boden Party week after next week, it's poor timing for me because I am not where I want to be with my body so I don't want to be buying new clothes!! But their baby selection is so adorable its unreal. The first time we went to a Boden Party we brought these dungarees in grey so that they could be used for a boy with greens and a girl with purples. 
  • Since being home I have been cooking a lot more and trying to keep us on track with our new budget. So I have been saving up glass jars. I am not entirely sure what to do with them. I know that I would like to give one to every family member decorated in some way at christmas just because I like them! I looked to pinterest for some inspiration and came up with a good set of ideas, Idea 1Idea 2Idea 3I can imagine my sister having this in her house!
  • I really love this idea for a print. I am sure I will be something with this for my home - our downstairs toilet wall is ready for these meaningful prints. Just got to get my butt in gear! 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Weeks 35 - 38

I have been enjoying the last 3 weeks of maternity leave, I can feel my belly changing shape and moving down lower. At my last midwife appointment I was told that baby was 2/5 engaged - I was really excited because first time babies don't usually come out from being engaged! I have been getting dinners frozen, house tidied and just the crafty bits I wanted to make time for done.

Luckily enough for me, I even got to have another scan to check the position of the baby for the home birth. The heart and spine were so clear it was unreal! There is such a massive difference between each scan that having one this late in my pregnancy showed an actual baby.... not like the little bean of 12 weeks. Chubbier than the little human at 20 weeks.

This week is my 38 week appointment so I am excited to know what is happening.It could be anytime now!! I am hoping its any time from September (to do with schooling in the UK)

But you will probably see things slow down a little around this space whilst I take some guilt free time away from everything and meet this mister or miss! I have things planned and obviously you can follow my instagram @njk12.
35 weeks - resting my swollen feet

36 weeks - daddy having some tummy time

37 weeks - full term! And feeling it

38 weeks - just looking forward to being able to bend again

So what do you think girl or boy?!

Monday, 3 September 2012

New cards

Over the weekend I managed to finally find time to make 2 thank you cards and a get well soon card for some sweet family that have sent gifts for the baby. So I wanted to make sure they felt appreciated!

This is the get well soon card, its for a man so I never know how much to decorate it!

We had a relaxed weekend, I had some back pain but it turned out to be nothing. Kinda disappointing!! Baby can turn up any time now so hopefully its soon!!