Sunday, 27 March 2011

Tutorial: How to press and dry flowers

We lost someone close to us recently and that has meant that we have flowers around. In order for us to always remember this person and dedicate a small place in our hearts forever I decided to dry some flowers from the display. 
The red roses were so beautiful they needed keeping! 

All I did was pinched some of the husband's fishing line and tied small circle around the roses heads to try and keep the flowers to hold together throughout drying. I tied the line in my hand and then threaded the rose through; tightening once in a good place. This did take a bit of practice but I am really hopeful!!

Next I tied the stem onto a coat hanger in order to be able to hang them in the airing cupboard to dry. I have put some newspaper below them just in case anything drips/fall off!!

 To press the flowers, I have simply folded a piece of a4 printer paper and arranged how I wanted the flower head to look. Then I placed it in a heavy book and squashed together. I have also placed these books in the airing cupboard so that hopefully they dry nicely together!

Once all of the flowers are dry and hard I will be putting them in something to be kept. It requires further thought but I think it might have something to do with old coffee jars.......

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