Monday, 22 July 2013


Life has been a bit hectic recently, my beautiful sister came back form uni and Isabelle and I hogged her for the first week. I think day to day I don't realise how much I missed having her live close just to do little things together. She is quite inspirational at trying new things - a lot braver than I am! I have really enjoyed trying Sushi so far.

Andy has been doing brilliantly in building his shed, finally seems to be getting somewhere! I am doing all I can to water our growing garden and paint our new to us garden set. We have been so fortunate to receive a swing set and a chicken coop this weekend. Both need a good paint but other than that I am so excited to get this garden into shape! You won't believe the before and after pictures!

We have also squeezed in visits with so many friends and family. Life seems to be very good at the moment :) hopefully I will have a bit more time and more to share over the next few days!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I love to eat!

*I have not been paid or sponsored by Nak'd bars, this is my honest opinion from a product I purchased.*

As the title suggests I have a very big love affair in my life, food. An affair that doesn't always benefit me. Therefore, Andy and I recently decided enough was enough, Isabelle is more and more interested in food - especially what we are eating. This made me stop and think about how I want to parent her through weaning to an eventual healthy relationship with food. So far so good, she is brilliant at trying new things and loves fruit and veg. I mostly couldn't be prouder!
Like us though she definitely has a sweet tooth, which has given me a mission, to find healthier sweeter treats for occasionally, not all the time.

I brought my first Nak'd bar in Tesco recently but I had seen them in Holland and Barrett too, having clean eating in mind I thought, lets give it a go! Boy am I glad I did. My traditionally palated husband also found them to be a good substitute for a sweet kick. I was even happier to discover that they are a small English firm trying to make their way in this processed world, so I knew you would like them too!!

I will be honest though, I was at home when I wanted something sweet. So I did attempt my own, they were delicious but not as perfect as the real Nak'd bar I had tried. I made a Pecan pie replica but used too many raisins....

I have also tried the Apple pie and Chocolate Orange ones, and I can only sing their praises!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Such a lovely weekend

We had a great weekend, Andy worked most of it but the bits we did do I actually started to take pictures of once again!

Andy loves home made hamburgers, so seen as I am trying to get more creative in the kitchen and use more whole some ingredients I said why not!!

I would like to play around with recipes/instructions once more before I bring them here as they were tasty but too huge for me!! 500g of mince in that picture, which makes 1/4lbers but that's just too big for me!

Andy and Isabelle were also playing peek-a-boo chase, an absolute favourite in our house at the moment. Although sometimes Isabelle just runs towards to you as opposed to away :)