Wednesday, 30 October 2013

We are loving fruit bread

Kind of a random post title, but this seems to be the in thing for Isabelle at the moment. I mean she loves raisins like they are going out of fashion and the combination of the bread has meant she is eating more too. Which is a win for me!

October has been an interesting month for us, we have holidayed with friends, Andy has had to call the AA to our broken down car - all fixed now though! We know the gender of our second child, I have been seriously considering/exploring/planning/developing ideas for additions to my etsy shop and to try and step things up a little in that area, poor Andy has worked ridiculously hard as usual both at work and college. It has been good.

I have some tutorials and Christmas ideas coming soon because that's how I've been spending my evenings once Isabelle is asleep. It has been productive!

I am not a big fan of Halloween, Andy is. So we shall see what happens tomorrow night. I doubt it will be anything big .....

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Grumpy baby

It's not often my baby is grumpy,  but when she is... boy is she.

Teeth and new experiences seem to be throwing my miss all out of sorts.  It's awful to watch.  But the rare moments of my isabelle being herself are all the more precious. 

I cannot believe I am 2 weeks off finding out the gender of our second child. This pregnancy seems to be flying.  It certainly makes me appreciate my time with just my daughter.  She is lovely :) for the most part.

Belle has molars now and I am amazed at how many teeth she has. I don't know another child that has so many.  I know it's them and coming back off of holiday into our normal routine that is throwing her, I just hope she calms down soon! She is much more fun then!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Carrot and coriander Sunday

Sorry for the crickets the passwd week, we took isabelle on her first caravan holiday! She loved swimming every day, the beach and good friends. 

So much so that the weekend has been a recovery of sleep and laundry! Andy still worked yesterday which meant I could catch up with my mum and grandma.  Kinda also needed, I am lucky and really love and appreciate my parents. Even more so with belle and a new baby. Talk about perspective!

Anyway I will share some holiday photos soon. I plan on making a little scrap bopk for belle this week. But today I made a nice carrot and coriander soup whilst andy started our Christmas cake! A new tradition hopefully!