Sunday, 13 March 2011

Diet Plans for PCOS

There are many diet plans for PCOS out there, however, the majority of advice I have received since being diagnosed has been to just eat as healthy as possible. PCOS is not life threatening however it is very distressing until managed. I have been told that as I don't want children tomorrow, I need to focusing on loosing weight and trying to self manage my symptoms. Some of my symptoms are too personal for me to discuss at the moment. Therefore, I am sharing my experiences and working through my own emotions by writing about them.

Upon research though, I have found that Low GI diet plans and High protein plans have supported research suggesting that they are the most efficient way of loosing weight when the body has a resistance to breaking down insulin. The priority for any diet is to stick with foods that don't affect the blood sugar.

All of these insights are things that I have found and experienced. However, I am not medically trained and cannot give fail safe advise. Speak to your doctor before undertaking any diet.

I have also found that anyway you can incorporate exercise into your day will really help. I have started walking at least 2 miles a day with a dance class once a week.

My biggest piece of experience that I would like to share so far, is that you need to talk about it. If you want to talk with people about it, go for it. If you can only post online anonymously then thats another way of dealing with it. Verity the charity - in the UK has some great information and the USA sites have some good recipes.

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