Friday, 18 November 2011


So this lovely (windy) friday evening, I have been pampering myself - just a little clay face mask.

I have been investigating how to do that tousled hair thing and I am hoping to give it a try tomorrow - if it goes well I shall post pictures, if not you will know I gave up!! Truth is I am torn between 2 hair styles, tomorrow is just a casual day - seeing a friend in the morning, college work and then a lovely afternoon with my husband (I don't even remember what he looks like thanks to the joys of backshift) and a lazy sunday.

We have started talks about my birthday and what we shall be doing but really I am happy not doing a lot, not sure why getting older is so great!?!?

But, back to this evening, I have made a little keep sake for my friend - again pictures to follow. Just because I felt inspired to do something!

I have also started work on some little heart hand warmers - this etsy shop gave me the idea. Ladies at work have said we aren't giving gifts as we are out for quite a lot of meals over the festive period so as they are both quite keen walkers I figured these might be appreciated :)

I also made a necklace - I would have liked the chain to be a bit longer but I didn't have any longer chain so I made what I had!! I think its quite sweet still and will go with some lovely vintage outfits I am dreaming about.

Lastly, I made some cards from an idea i had floating around in my head - and had actually dawn to save me forgetting! Amazing. They didn't turn out as I expected, I think it was because I didn't texture the paper before using it - so it looks to clean cut. Yeah, that sounds good, we will go with that!!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011


I have been quite poor at updating this space lately, I have been lazy with a lot of things - the pressure of maintaining (pahh) a home, studying and working has been getting on top of me again. Some days I feel in control and others I wish I hadn't gotten out of bed.

Anyways, moving to the end of the week I am looking forward to the weekend to see family and to shift a cold I seem to have developed. Provided things go to plan I am also hoping to get some college work done.

I was having a random look around and stumbled upon, it seems like such a brilliant idea. I mean developing a new business is difficult financially but to actually have a place where if its a viable idea you are actually publicizing the very idea you are hoping to sell. Brilliant!! For anyone who wants to test the waters with a new idea this place would definitely give you a real impression of demand. It would just be useful for it to be open to people outside of the US.

Have a great weekend too