Friday, 18 March 2011

Beauty on a budget ... Part 3 Olive oil

For the third part of this Beauty on a budget series I came up with the idea of using things we probably already have in our homes, after all our budgets can only handle so much luxury!!!
Olive oil is a really great base for sauces and cooking in general.
In the Mediterranean, it is rumoured that a lot of the health problems the UK is suffering from are not present because of the consumption of a healthier diet - based around olive oil.

For the purpose of the beauty on a budget series, I have started to use olive oil on my elbows and hard skin on my feet. This is great at softening the skin and creating younger looking fresher skin.

My newest experiment has been using olive oil in rejuvenating face masks. Mix a teaspoon of olive oil with 1 mashed banana and use after the bicarbonate of soda micro-dermabrasion (in a previous post)
I think this will become my new sunday evening routine as I am finding it is really helping bring my spots out - not great but my theory is the sooner they have appeared the sooner they can leave!!

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