Friday, 30 December 2011

Serger, Serger, Serger!!!

Or an overlocker.

Depends what you want to call it but either way mine has arrived! I have it working already and with all the freebies I am sure I will be boring you all with lots of pictures soon.

This is the one I went for - the same make as my sewing machine.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Random photo dump

This was my roasted chicken!                 Playing with the camera...

Our first christmas tree!!   My brithday (and new dress!)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Decoration Day!!

This is another one of those live in action posts ..... (love this more than anything at the moment)
... anyway, we are decorating our downstairs toilet today! Woohoo!!

We got the paper when we first moved in 8 months ago my goodness  and it took us a good few colour schemes to decide what we both agreed on!

You may remember me writing this initial post back in July eek  about the ideas I had, well today we finally have managed to get our butts in gear to get it sorted!

I will post the pictures once its done but I am so excited the downstairs of our house is finally coming together.

Just can't wait to get rid of this christmas tree .......

Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

On this blustery day I have managed to get quite a bit done and ticked off a wishlist I have had since we moved into this house!!

I am currently say listening to Celine Dion (Katy will understand) singing my awful little heart out! As I am editing pictures from our wedding for our photo wall. We are having a little gathering over New Year so I thought it would be nice to have some of us on the walls!!! Our little house needs a bit of personalty that comes from happy memories.

Tomorrow night we are off out to see my Nan and Grandad which I am really looking forward to because they never make it a big deal but you know how much it mean to them. We saw them last weekend too at the sailing club for Andy's band solo appearance - bless that boy.

I feel so fortunate and full of love for my little life sitting here

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mirror Project

So I am trying to lighten up this new build with its dark areas - our kitchen and dinning room are combined so we have a relatively long hallway that isn't helped by the lack of windows in our solid door.

We picked up a basic, plain and boring mirror before we ever planned this house. Luckily I am a little resourceful so I thought its a great base that will work however I decide to decorate it.

Then Andy broke it.

This means that whatever I decide with this mirror, it has to cover the broken pieces.

I have been looking for some inspiration but got distracted by the prettyness of Martha Stewart

Just lovely x

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Week gone by

This week hasn't flown as quickly as others, it started out quite stressful - making sure my work was handed in on time and in the right way, but that is done now!

Friday I took the day off to see my sister, she has blogged all about our failed macaroons which really sums up our day!!

As it is saturday, this is what I am looking forward to

    • Serving the christmas lunch at work
    • Serving the christmas breakfast (5:30am) at work
    • Wrapping and finishing some last minute gifts
    • Giving gifts to people I wont see at christmas
    • Starting to get ahead with some uni work
I still didn't manage to take many if any pictures this week, I really need to make myself do this.

Given the plans I have for the new year I don't know if I can handle trying to throw 'take more pictures' into my new years resolutions. We shall see. 

I want to do a whole post on new years resolutions - linked to my 25 before 25, things have been changing themselves up around here. 7 months in our own home has definitely changed me as a person, as well as us as a couple. Young couple. 


Monday, 12 December 2011

My Birthday

It is a truly horribly wet and windy evening, I am sat in bed wishing I had a hot chocolate but refusing to move from my snuggley bed.

Today I had breakfast with my mister, I popped to the shop before work to buy some cakes to take in and share. I got a selection but probably only half actually went. I brought the rest home for Andy.

I had a lovely dinner with some ladies from work which was really nice, a place called Prezzos. I think it is a chain but it has a really nice location down here and such a beautiful building.

I have been truly spoiled with gifts that I am so grateful for.

I am working on some projects at the moment that hopefully I will be able to share soon.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

I am looking forward to

So as it is Saturday which means I usually have some free time, I thought I would start looking forward to things happening that week.

  • A vintage fair
  • Seeing family
  • Handing in my assignment
  • Celebrating my 22nd birthday (ehh)
  • Taking my Nan to one of Andy's performances with the town band
I have a lot going on this week ahead! I just hope I start to get into the habit of taking pictures. My parents came over for the switching on of the lights where I live and I took some photos that I just haven't made myself doing anything with. 

Last week I found some old albums and I obviously used to take a lot of pictures and printed them so i really need to get back into that habit! I LOVED loved looking through them and being all nostalgic. Thats what this time of year is all about. 

Well Tibbs has decided to sit on me again so that means he needs some attention, what are you looking forward to this week?

Friday, 9 December 2011

O christmas tree, O christmas tree....

Since we only moved into our first house this May we don't have a lot of decorations going on this year. We have a real tree (!!) Something I haven't ever experienced before and it is doing rather well I must say, very limited needle drop - that might have sealed my fate or something!!

I made some plush hearts to be our main colour and then my lovely mum has given me all of the ones she had brought me over the years, I even have the dates on them :) I hope even though now I am a home owner she makes a new decoration a part of my present every year. That would be so lovely. 

As for other decorations, I have loads of ideas in my head that just don't seem to come out. I am quite deep into an assignment at the moment but by Wednesday I will be free and able to focus on christmas!!

Yesterday morning I did manage to finish one of my presents though, so I am still on target to meet all deadlines!

Christmas day is going to be strange this year, we have decided to stay home and be together, its a lovely thing and a new thing - which makes me slightly apprehensive!!