Saturday, 15 September 2012

Weeks 39 - 40

Here is to hoping I don't get to week 41 or a dreaded week 42!

My 5th week at home was week 40, I was hopeful that baby would arrive sooner rather than later and that by now we would be adapting to a new life!

That said I guess my baby needs some extra cooking time and I am certainly not going to do anything to upset this babe.

39 weeks - having to wear my maternity clothes pretty much exclusively now

40 weeks - and fed up!

I was hoping not to even quite reach 40 weeks - more have a surprise instead of a waiting game.


  1. Wow! I can't even imagine. That'll be a good story one day... The baby that wouldn't leave the womb. How much is the baby gonna weigh at this point?

  2. Hang in there you're almost there! I found you on the Blog Hop and am now a new follower. I'd love a follow back at and on Pinterest. I follow back all my Pinterest followers :)

  3. I'm so jealous! I just reached 20 weeks, it feels like I have an eternity to go! I gave you an award, I'm sorry if you received it already!

  4. Aw! Not much longer mama! Hang in there! Can't wait to see some photos of sweet baby :)

    ♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon