Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Simple Mummy style

This is another post written whilst I was pregnant, I read that it wasn't great to be using nail varnish when pregnant and because I wasn't that bothered I just stopped doing it on the odd occasion I fancied it.
However I did find that my nails grew lovely whilst I was pregnant. So I kept on top of maintaining them. I used to do this once a week before bed and it never took more than 10 minutes, IMO it made me look as though I did care and keep my nails just like painting them shows effort.

I started by filing and shaping them

Then I used the scratchiest board on this nifty nail file to sand off the ridges on my nails to make them smooth and healthy looking.

Turning over the file I used a finer board to really buff the nail nicely

Turning the file for the last time  (So back to the original position) I used the polishing board to bring through a healthy shine. 

 I picked up this buffer board from Pound Land whether you can find one or something similar I would totally recommend them. I love mine, I genuinely like that my nails look cared for but not to over done.

It also means I can keep my nails short so that I don't hurt my little baby!

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  1. I miss my file that had all that on it!

    New follower from Life with the Little Man and congrats on the nomination!