Monday, 17 September 2012

Baby Privacy

Taking pictures of my new born has always been a priority of mine and probably any parent that realises how quickly they grow; I have so many crafts planned for the pictures and I want to treasure the memories for years to come.


I am trying to decide how much to share here. I mean, I have learnt over the last few weeks this blog needs to be about documenting my growing family life as opposed to catering to what people want to read because I just don't have that focus at the moment. 

So, is water marking enough? 

I found this article recently on a blog I keep up with and to be honest it scared me, anything I write, create and post here creates some kind of mark forever. That is forever available for anyone to do anything with. Do I want that for my child?

At least with instagram there seems to be little way of changing the image - but it can still be lied about. 

I have also read about tutorials being stolen and passed off as someone else's work. For me, this is annoying but not the end of the world, except this lady used her children as the models. That's where I struggle, because it becomes personal. 

I am still deciding what I will share and whether I will do something similar to other Mum bloggers whereby they use pictures of the back of the children instead of sharing their faces. I may decide to watermark every photo across the most inconvenient part of the picture. Or I might just decide that my baby is just too private to share in this space. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


  1. Good questions. There is always a line between personal life and blog life, I guess it's different for everyone. I try to show a certain aspect of 'me' on my blog but I leave a heck of a lot of things out, for privacy reasons. I'll be facing the same question myself come April! Interested to see what you decide.

  2. Good question....Here is some I am going to throw out there also..How much pics do you put on social networking sites?? I hardly put any on due to privacy and yes some people are not happy about this change. Also I see pics of kids in the bath tub, partly naked doing crafts, that appropriate??


  3. I've been rethinking this, too. I went through and edited my blog of certain personal information. My pictures have been posted, no going back about that.