Friday, 21 September 2012

My latest interests #10

I am writing this before the baby arrives - a little cheat I know, but I enjoy browsing the internet so it just makes sense! Also from a comment by my sister a few weeks ago I have included pictures where possible!!!

  • Sugar scrub cubes, I have wanted to make sugar scrubs for ages and still haven't gotten myself around to it, I don't know if its difficult or if I think I wont like it after all the effort I would have to go to. Therefore, I haven't tried it yet! This recipe doesn't look too difficult though! 

  • This DIY hair refresher is something I think I would like to try and make but it does make me nervous how much mess might come from it! I currently switch between talc and Batiste (effective, but it is just too expensive) So I am not sure if this is something I will try or not .....

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