Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Arrival

Just a quick update, our beautiful baby made a smooth entrance to our family on Sunday 16th September at 5:31am.

We are both doing brilliantly and finding our feet with each other.

So for those who guessed boy............... you were mistaken! Isabelle Jane weighed a healthy 8lb 6oz and is a delight.

I will be taking a break for as long as it takes until I feel I can add the blog to our new life. With regards to my previous post about how much I share of her with the internet the jury is still out! At the moment I want to keep her very much to myself :D


  1. Congrats!! Your precious baby girl was born on my birthday. It's a great day! I'm loving the name you chose. Good luck with your new little one, it takes a few weeks to adjust. I'm here if you need another bloggy mommy to talk to :)

    Congrats again mama!

  2. Congrats! September babies are the best. Of course I am biased haha. Love her name! Sit back and *relax* with your little on, momma.

  3. congrats!enjoy your little princess!

  4. Yaaay, congrats on your little princess!

  5. Hi All

    Grandma speaking - can update you that Moma and Baby are doing well - the usual thing - Isabelle trying to get used to this strange new world, Moma and Daddy working hard to accommodate that and doing a very good job. If anyone has hints and tips about feeding baby yourself then I am sure they would be appreciated!

  6. ahh how did I miss this post????? Congrats to you and your sweet baby girl. Hope you're recovering well and getting plenty of rest :) once you're past the first six weeks it gets way easier I promise! xxx