Friday, 28 September 2012

My latest interests #11

I am writing this weeks interests with my sweet baby nuzzled into my chest, unfortunately she doesn't know that night times are for sleeping yet and so I too should be napping.

Instead, my body says its daytime oh no you dont!!

I am surprised by how quickly I can relate to this post, after a week with baby girl I know this space is less of a priority but I still feel like I am adjusting and need to give things more time. I mean Natalie has 2 children to look after and I am still getting used to one!!

On a more positive note one of my friends has taken to blogging, she also manages to juggle a lot with two children already and another due in November. I guess these are both proof I need to give myself a break really.

This website has been really useful for information - as with anything its worth judging to see whether it suits your family, but for the most part it is just reassuring to me. Establishing good sleep habits is something I have been reading about for a while and now its actually prudent I hope I am making good decisions!

From the same website these ideas for toys and play have given me some ideas for things to try out once she is a bit more awake.

I love Smile and Wave, I have been a reader for probably about 2 years now and was certainly a part of motivating me to keep my own blog. Recently the DIY's have been super cute and always get me thinking about the space in my home.

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  1. I love that this was written having cuddles with your beautiful girl! Thank you for mentioning me :)You will get used to juggling everything in no time, and things will fall into a natural order of importance without even thinking about it xxx