Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How to set up a Button Swap with Passionfruit Ads

This is an account of the steps I have taken to set up my button swap, I am sure there are other ways and I am sure you should do what suits you!

Firstly I had to set up an account with Passionfruit. This is simple go here and follow the instructions.

Follow the passionfruit instructions on how to embed the 2 different codes and where to place them in your layout. (I obviously use blogger for hosting so can answer simple questions on this bit if necessary)

Then -  still on passionfruit you need to decide on what you are offering and how much you are charging. The best bit about using passionfruit to manage your swap is that it is free and takes all admin hassle out of sponsorship/advertising because people can purchase the space at any time of the month, knowing when their turn will actually start.You still get to decide who you want to advertise on your blog and can view their information before approving the ad.

Once the codes in behind are set up it is really just about publicising your swap and getting others to come on board. Using things like the weekly link ups - there is literally something everyday if you are that inclined!

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  1. Love Passionfruit ads, its definitely simple to use as you get used to it!