Monday, 10 September 2012

Not a craving as such

I am kinda in love with cookies at the moment....

Not great considering baby doesn't need the gunk and I certainly don't after not being that active for 9 months.

Still, I thought I would share why I seem to be so obsessed at the moment.....

Potato chip cookies - I am such a savory girl at heart that the thought of these just makes me so excited!
Same for Emma's Chocolate chip and sea salt cookies. They just look so delish I want to eat them all!!

Trouble is I know if I make one batch not only will I eat them all, I know I wont be able to stop myself from making them.

I did give in and make a more traditional batch which turned into a tray bake!! Oooops.

Tasted good though!!


  1. I could use a cookie right about now! :)
    I found you on the GFC Hop and wanted to let you know I'm your newest follower! I'd love if you could stop by my blog and check it out. I'm having a link up today that's really special and close to my heart. It would be awesome if you could participate! Hope you're having a fantastic day!


  2. Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Blog Hop.
    Love your awesome blog. Feel free to check out & follow my blog @

  3. I have so been into cookies this pregnancy too! Every time I read a post with cookies on them I want them... but I am way to lazy to make some.

    Are you due soon? I am due tomorrow!

    Found you through the mom mingle and will follow to see more. I love following other moms who have children the same age :)

  4. New follower via the GFC Blog Hop! YUM. These look amazing! Thanks for sharing. I love a good cookie recipe!!

  5. it is quite those cookies if that's what you're craving. haha. I craved dutch choc ice cream and I never went a day without it in my freezer! haha. newest follower from the link and mingle! thanks for linking up!!