Monday, 1 October 2012

Pre-Baby Bucket List round up

You might remember my original Pre-Baby bucket list from back in July when baby's arrival seemed like a long way off.

Now that baby is here I wanted to revisit my intentions and see what we got up to over the last few months!

Eat out
We didn't do as much of this as I would have liked but we did enough! I think my next challenge will be getting out with the baby in tow.

Visit the cinema
We went once to see Brave and it was quite funny, unfortunately there wasn't a lot in the cinema we even fancied seeing and with the cost of it these days I wasn't happy doing it for the sake of it. We did watch quite a few DVD's and films at home though - no pausing, so I feel this was achieved!

Sort the Garden
We made progress but truthfully it's not completely sorted. We will keep plowing on but its going to take time!

Decorate/Personalise the baby room
Obviously we still didn't know come the end what gender our baby was, through the nursery series I feel like I added a few personal touches that I would still like to add to now that we know the name. 

Build the blog plans
Interestingly I have used my maternity leave so far to make a lot of progress with the blog and building its readership, however I am reconsidering what I actually want this space to be about and I think this is something I will continue to debate for a while because I can and dont need to make a decision yet!

Hold a baby shower
I didn't even manage to have the mixed barbecue I was considering because I didn't get myself organised and I just felt like it wasn't something I would actually like to do. 

Wedding cards
Anyone following me on instagram knows I have been successful in finding time to do this and I am so relieved it is done! 

Overall, I think we did pretty well to achieve the things we wanted to. I think I might like to make another little bucket list type of thing for my intentions with the baby - trying baby sign and massage for example, but I think for now getting to know each other is the best priority.

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