Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mental kick in the butt

I had a look at my blog this evening and I feel like I have been in a quite a negative place recently, this isn't really like me at all. And I don't like it...

So I am focusing myself into improving how I want to spend the final stages of my first pregnancy.

Is something I am having to adjust to the most, I am not able to sleep through the night at the moment and I think this is really getting me down. I have decided I need to make a new routine and give myself time to switch off, think about how I am feeling/inspired by/wants/new interests/things I need to remember before I attempt to sleep. This way I have written reminders, no rehearsing during my sleep of the things I don't want to forget and most importantly I have a plan for the blog!

Cold/Sinus issues
For whatever reason at the moment (Heyfever/flu) I have this insanely blocked nose that just doesn't let up! For someone who's sleep is being interrupted to also suffer through the day with her breathing is just cruel in my current condition!!!

Hip/Back pain
This is stopping me from doing a lot of my normal household duties as quickly as I want to. I am struggling to adapt to this way of life because I like things done my own way and in my own time. I have been getting very frustrated with not being 100% able. I need to slow down and accept this so that I can do the things I can do.

Being positive
Therefore, whilst progressing through these things I am deciding from now to be more positive and try harder to accept my current limitations. I think that for now this will help my attitude and general demeanor during the day. I might even get more sleep!

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  1. yes i think that you probably will !!! love you millions x x