Sunday, 22 July 2012

So this is what having time feels like.....

I am experiencing a strange feeling today.

I received the news on Friday that I will definitely be graduating in November, I am so pleased with my result and excited that I get to graduate with my friends..... and a new born?! It is going to be interesting that's for sure! Baby is due in September and graduation is November so I am sure (hope) I will have some sort of rhythm by then so I think it will go ok, plus my parents will be there and Andy should they be needed whilst I am on stage :)

So thats my schooling done, I have a few professional things I would like to do once I go back to work but at this moment in time I don't have any desires to be starting anything else... Which is strange for me, I have always been about the next thing. Maybe I am accepting that having a baby is going to be enough for me for the moment!!

In terms of our home I have a few projects I am working on which I will no doubt share on here soon.

I have been finding time to sit and read which is another unheard of for me - when I was studying I wouldn't read because if I get into a book I just wouldn't be able to put it down.

The hypno-birthing reading is coming along and I will be practicing that every day once I finish work in 3 weeks (wahhhoooooo)

Our lovingly designed nursery is coming along lovely and I think I will be putting the arty bits on the wall soon. Which is going to be exciting! Even though baby wont leave our room for at least 6 months I am keen for the baby's room to be ready to move into whenever that time does come. I think its because I like my space that it seems important for that baby to have space, like psychologically seeing the room we have made that space in our life. 

Therefore, today. I find myself with time. Time for me to do what I feel like. Quite honestly, its sleep or shower!! But I had 2 day time naps yesterday so I am trying not to get into that habit just until I finish work. Which means I think I will do some internet/blog reading. I will shower after we are done for the day because surprisingly its quite warm today and I don't want to waste my energy showering when I will only be hot again afterwards

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