Friday, 27 July 2012

My latest interests #2

So for this weeks interests I have the best round up of innovative tutorials and craft tips. With a little of baby thrown in!
  • I love love love this idea, I am actually going to hopefully purchase the bits soon! 
  • It has always been a goal of mine to teach our children baby sign language to enable them to communicate with us as early as possible, studies have proven that children who learn baby sign are much more content because they can communicate their needs. Personally I believe that the time spent teaching your child helps you to understand that child as well as the signing. 
  • I really wish I had found this brilliant tutorial for a roman blind before we just brought the one for the baby room. I would have loved to have made ours rather than just adding to it - coming up in the nursery series. 
  • This is a really basic tutorial but I love the effect. I did look into how much the paper mache letters were and at £2 I am determined I can make this craft for less... so then I found this tutorial! and now I am collecting cereal boxes to be able to do this craft!! Now just to decide whether I do 'Baby', wait until we know the name of our child, or just for around the home. 
  • Looking around this site I think this lady has some really good ideas. 
  • Christmas is going to be so exciting this year! I am just really looking forward to having new touches around our home that we will pull out for years to come :)
I really enjoy sharing my findings from my internet searches, I think having the ideas all in one place will also help me in the future when I need to find a project!

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