Friday, 20 July 2012

My latest interests #1

I am regularly searching the internet and coming up with random places for inspiration, I have so many draft blog posts full of links to things I have found interesting. So I have decided to share them under the title of 'my latest interests' hopefully you will find things you like from my searches, if not I have one place to go when I think ...oh I saw a tutorial for that.... where's my link :)
  • I cannot explain why I suddenly have this green vibe around me, we shall blame my hormones, but Citric Acid as a household cleaner seems like a cheaper and safer alternative for household cleaning with a baby around it has so many uses - it can be used to clean surfaces, keep cats from areas you don't want them to go, in the shower to get rid of mineral or hard water deposits - on the doors and shower head, toilet cleaner, floor shiner. The list is endless really, plus I assume the whole house will have a citrus scent!
  • Granola! I love natural yoghurt at the moment, but I just cannot have it plain so I figured I will try to make my own healthy addition to the yoghurt, again to save money but as a healthier tastier alternative to just raisins all the time!
  • Baby shower presents gets me all excited for making things for our baby and as gifts for my friends who are having babies. I especially want to make one of these.
  • Ok, I know I shouldn't be thinking about christmas already but I just know its going to be such a different one this year with the baby that I am genuinely excited to make it special for the 3 of us. A beautiful photo turned into an ornament is just what grandparents want - isn't it?!
  • Christmas, baby and green living is apparently all I have on my mind at the moment. So a beautifully girly tutorial that I would definitely love to use - if I knew what I was having I would probably have already made this - don't know if it would look the same in neutral fabrics........
I hope you have enjoyed my interests this week and would appreciate any feedback or suggestions along the lines above. 

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  1. Oh yes loving the grandparents christmas present!!! x x x