Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bringing up a baby through attachment parenting ...Some ideas

I guess I have hit that part of my pregnancy where I am trying to create an environment and attitude that really suits our baby and who we are as a couple as well as parents. I want prints around our home that encourage independence, choices, problem solving, knowing and staying true to yourself. I want happy pictures around that remind us why we do things.

I want to raise our children to be secure in themselves and the attachments they have with us. This is what made me think about discipline and when I read this article on Natalie's blog I began to think even more about our baby as a child and how we were going to fulfill all of our ambitions for our child.

I want Andy as involved as possible, at some point the plan is he will be the only one working and I will be at home with our children. How do I keep him involved and developing strong attachments with them? So I started to research how best to start the attachment process and how important certain things are. This website has  a range of information on attachment but not how to develop it. A good starting point. has some good information for birth plans and how to develop your own ideas into how the after care could be. also has a lot of good information on breastfeeding and the most natural way of starting out.

I think the main concept I have discovered and will have to raise with Andy soon is how much I want to be lead by our baby. I want to rely on our instincts - the closeness after birth and letting the baby tell us when he needs attention. But balancing that with our needs to hold and get to know our new little person, by using eye contact and voices, touch and singing.

I have also come to the conclusion that we need to start talking and singing with the baby a lot more in order for the baby to recognise our voices outside of the womb. I am quite confident that when Andy has his hands on the baby to feel the movements the movements stop because I relax and the baby relaxes, I am hoping that once the baby is born this is proven to me by the baby being content with Andy because he remembers the feelings I had.

Also its my sister's 21st birthday today, it would be really lovely if you could pop over and wish her a happy birthday!

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