Monday, 23 July 2012

Nursery Series - 3.Baby print

Andy and I first saw this idea back on a random day trip to Fowey, its such a quaint little Cornish village that its nice to take a drive and just end up somewhere different for lunch. The main change I have made to the ones we saw is added some colour. Andy has yet to see this so I might be redoing it in the black and white, however I think for the baby room the point of this artwork for me has been to make things interesting and stimulating to look at.

I couldn't decide on a colour to start with so I had to lay them out on the pallet of colours we have agreed for our baby.

I quite like how it looks over the selection of colours and was tempted to even use it as above. However, I wanted to give what I had in mind a go first.

So I stuck the letters - printed on photo paper - on a yellow background with about 1cm border for that little hint of colour!

Next I marked the size of the piece of paper from the frame on the backing paper I wanted. 

This is me placing the the finished pieces together.

I am once again really happy with how the frame turned out, sorry about the background - its part of my wedding scrap book I have spent the last almost 3 years working on!!!!


  1. i really like this - might havr to have a go at one myself!! x x