Friday, 13 July 2012

Pre-Baby Bucket List - An idea from WinterLove

I saw Natalie's list the other week and I thought that it was quite a cute idea to do. So this is my equivalent....

As this is our first we have no idea what is in store for us yet so this list might sound as though I have given up on life after a baby (we just don't know what its like yet!)

Eat out
We used to eat out quite often, then we got a hold of our budget and decided we would be better for now to wean ourselves off of eating out so often and saving the money for maternity leave. I would like to have at least one lovely evening with Andy somewhere we love without worrying about baby stuff.

Visit the cinema
A lot of people have said that they visited the cinema quite often before their baby's were born and this seems like a good idea to me because I doubt we will get to go much once the baby is here. Similarly I would like to watch whatever DVD's we fancy before having to tend to a baby ppart way through.

Sort the Garden
Andy has been working hard at the garden all of this year so far and the sleeper wall is nearly there. Once the wall has been built we will be turning over the grassy bank and planting some creeper plants to give it some stability. Really I want it to be as self maintaining a possible for the first year or so.

Decorate/Personalise the baby room
Which is very difficult to do because we don't know what we are having!! But I want to make sure the baby room looks as though the room belongs to someone special who is loved :)

Build the blog plans
By having some features I am hoping I can keep the blog going whilst I take some time for the baby whilst still managing to grow things here.

Hold a baby shower
A small gathering of men and women - not just girls I am afraid, I think I am quite obvious in how much I want Andy included in every part of my life. I am hoping it will be a barbeque and be quite informal without too much focus on me. 

Wedding cards
I volunteered to make Andy's cousins wedding stationery and I really need to get them made before the baby arrives just to make sure I give them the proper attention. 

Whether I manage all of these plans who knows! But its nice to state my intentions and try to make some plans come to fruition. Some of these things have to get done so I am sure I will be back with pictures!

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