Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Top tips for Car booting (UK)

So Andy and I managed to finally get our butts into gear to sort the cupboards of stuff we have kept since moving in and really have no use for. I think the baby coming and needing to have our spare room as a child's room also gave us the push we needed to get ourselves sorted.

Which leads me to my top tips for fruitful selling - we really did make a nice chunk of money!

Be prepared
Know your stuff - giving a little extra information might just convince someone who is unsure, it also shows the buyer that the goods are quality even for being second hand.

Be comfortable with haggling
I wasn't to start with and I am so grateful Andy was just up for giving it a go. This gave me more confidence to try it. At the end of the day, if they walk away then it just wasn't meant to be. It is really important not to take this personally.

Display your goods in sections
We found that when our goods were semi organised by say glassware, make up bags, tools or DIY, that people would often buy extra items as opposed to just one.

Stay positive!
We were fortunate that the car boot was busy with buyers that our time went quickly and profitably. I think it could be quite disheartening standing around doing nothing when you hoped to do so well.

We will definitely be doing another one soon, the space in the house makes the money even better!!!

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  1. some good tips! Especially about the categories, sometimes you forget that you have actually been keeping an eye out for something :) xx