Thursday, 5 July 2012

Coupon pouch

I have always admired American's who can clip coupons and effectively get their shopping for free, however in the UK we don't have anything that comes close to this.

So I do keep coupons from leaflets that we do get in a little pouch that stays in my bag. I currently have coupons for Tesco, Sainsbury's, Farm foods and boots. 

My aim with these coupons is always to try and save a little on the stuff we actually use. I am up for trying new things and certain brand downshifts however I would not buy something we didn't like or use because it was a 'bargain' - that's not a bargain its a waste!!

Then before I go shopping I try to make a list of what I am getting from where and estimated cost depending on weather the item is monthly or fresh weekly. I know this may sound complicated but we have managed to save a lot of time and quite a lot of impulse buying.

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