Saturday, 18 August 2012

Maternity photo's

My sister from improvised intentions was a little gem this week, she got Andy and I motivated to take some maternity photos.

Stacey took A level photography and always thinks about lighting, positioning etc so I think it turned out really well. Of course I look at the pictures and think eurgh, swollen feet and hands - puffy face. But I completely treasure the memory of taking the photos and how happy we look in them.

I have put one in a frame because I just couldn't not to be honest!!

I feel so blessed when I look at this picture, I am not sure our baby could be more wanted or treasured by his/her daddy and mummy, but especially daddy. He has such a big heart, he really is my favourite <3 p="p">


  1. I got so excited that you might have put more up! I wanted to look at them again! xx

  2. I am going to put a few more up I think soon, just didn't have a chance to sit and go through them for here :)

  3. Beautiful photo! Thanks so much for the follow. I'm following back. Looking forward to getting to know ya! :)

    { Jess }