Thursday, 23 August 2012

Button Swap Round up

So in August, once I was finally on maternity leave and uhmm, starting to relax and rest before baby arrives. I decided to push my interests in my little blog harder and start a sponsor swap. Passionfruit ads has made this incredibly easy as there is little management on my part.

This post is to introduce you to the swappers and hopefully encourage you to stop by and say hello to them!

 Jessica from Sewing Our Life Together was my first swap and she was so patient with me whilst I figured the whole Passionfruit ads thing out. What initially drew me to Jessica's blog was her lace dress tutorial, I would love to give more dress making a go I just never seem to find the time. Anyway Jessica blogs about sewing, cooking and her growing family.

Tales of the Younger Twim
 Kelli from Tales of the Younger Twin blogs about life in American college and the sorts of things she gets up. Kelli takes some great pictures and gets up to all sorts of interesting adventures with her sister.

BericeBaby Blog
 Charlotte from Berice Baby jumped on board next and I have to say her little boy Hayden has to be one of the cutest little things ever! Charlotte blogs about Hayden, current events in her life, product reviews and doing things her own way. 

 Tiffanie from Life with the Little Man made me laugh the first post I read, the stories that this lady tells about life with a son made me even more excited to experience this life as a Mum. 

Carlia from Nest Building 101 joined up last week and has some beautiful DIY home decor ideas, Carlia has a lot of free printables and tips on her blog that I certainly need for decorating on a budget. 

I haven't been following any of these blogs for very long but I really appreciate the diversity and mix of reading. I am really glad I have started the swap because I am much more aware of how many other bloggers there are out there - I think I was stuck in a rut before, reading the same, writing the same and this has shaken me up to see whats around.


  1. Thank you for introducing me! I still think this is a great idea; let me know if I can ever return the favor!

  2. Thanks for introducing me! I'm glad that I made you chuckle :)

  3. love all of those blogs! so fun to be helping them all out.