Monday, 6 August 2012

Nursery Series - 5 Blue crochet blanket

So this is a kinda cheat because obviously a blanket is not specifically for the nursery. However I did get fed up of creating everything to co-ordinate with my colour scheme without making the room too boyish or girlish.

Hence my first and only blue project....

This is a really simply blanket that was only really aimed at helping me develop my crocheting seen as I am so good at making up my own stitches!!

I started by creating a chain of 120. Then for the next 40 lines I used a treble crochet to create the body, chaining 2 each time I got to the end. Once I was happy with the size I single crocheted around the edge to give the blanket a little stability, I then repeated this so I have a border of 2 single crochet.


  1. Hi! I saw you on the link up! Love your blog!
    Hope you had a good day! Stop by and say hi :)

  2. This is beautiful. I wish that I knew how to crochet. I imagine any baby would feel so lovely wrapped in something so soft and made with love.