Friday, 3 August 2012

My latest interests #3

Another little bit of a green living, frugal, baby themed week I am afraid! On the plus side I don't have much longer left at work no so I am hoping I can actually get some of these things made and tried.

  • I cannot remember how long I have wanted to make my own Borax free washing powder and all purpose cleaner, I think probably since we moved into our lovely home and I still haven't gotten around to it. This recipe has been formed by and tested by a lady using the mixture primarily on cloth nappies, whilst I loved the idea of cloth nappies its just not something I felt I could give my time to, but it means to me that the recipe should be effective but safe on our babies clothes. A massive plus for me. 
  • This Mama blog always has some interesting content, so much so I leave it a couple days to head on over and then catch up with a few posts at a time because I always end up following links and investigating things further. A good read!
  • The wooden toys and colours of these toys look so cute for a baby to play with. I am holding off buying toys for the moment because I just have no idea, I have been investigating toys good for development but essentially this isn't something you can go wrong with - the child is always going to develop, I just want a variety so that I have some fun playing too!!
  • Although the girlies are older I like to pop by and see what they have been up to, some of the home decor ideas are really inspiring. 

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