Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Re-purposing a broken mirror

Andy and I picked up a plain mirror ages and ages ago when it was on sale. It has moved about 3 different times with us. I don't have any pictures of it plain but it was just pine and boring. I painted the outside white and the inner runner a pale olive green.

When we brought our house we decided it was going in the hall way. Unfortunately the mirror got damaged in transit so I had to think of something to cover the damage but also make it cuter.

So I crocheted some hearts, added cute buttons and a felt backing. Then voila! Transformed mirror for a cute/feature piece in our hallway. Now I just hope Andy likes it when he gets in...... who am I kidding, I bet it takes 2 days for him to notice!

 I really like the addition, the felt backing covers the break and the hearts just add a bit of interest.


  1. Very cute, I love the little hearts to cover it up :)


    1. Thank you :) Which is your main blog?
      Natalie x

  2. Thats amazingly creative! I'll have to keep this mind ;)
    Makeup by Rachel

  3. Thanks for linking up!!
    xo sandra

  4. very clever! Thanks so much for linking up with us for Wonderful Wednesday! Have a great week and hope to see you next time :)

    Rachel (co-host)

  5. Thats a really cute way to cover the damage! I found you through the weekly wednesday bloghop and am now following :)

    Sita xx

  6. Cute! I crochet too!! It's seriously SO MUCH FUN!! Found you from the blog hop! Hope you are having a great week!!

  7. Great idea, you can no longer notice it at all!