Friday, 10 August 2012

My latest interests #4

As I have mentioned I have now officially left work, technically my first 2 weeks are holiday and then I will start my maternity but, it is done. So this week I thought I would set my creative goals for next week now that I am home most days :)
  • Paint the fimo shapes Stacey and I made ages ago.
  • Create 2 more of the pieces for the Nursery series. 
  • Develop baby toy ideas for when I take a break from blogging to love up my baby :)
  • Practice my hypnobirthing techniques everyday.
I think that's enough goals for my first week 'taking it easy'!! But these are things I have been enjoying looking at this  week.

  • I like the idea of  doing something like this for our bathroom wall, Andy is big on his identity as a Cornish man, I think things like this will encourage our children to ask questions and develop their own sense of belonging from there.
  • I am on the hunt for one of these Babaslings because I like the reviews they have, I am really keen to keep my baby close to me most of the time but to also have hands free to do things I want to do. This sling will also hopefully help me feel more comfortable breastfeeding initially because I will be able to do it discreetly. Another perceived pro is that my fear of flat head syndrome will be managed as the fabric is supportive but giving, of course to completely avoid flat head its a case of being aware not to leave the baby in one place for too long on its back. 
  • Baby sign is something I have already talked about but I am keeping all the resources in one central place so that when I am ready I can access as much information as possible.


  1. I love the map hearts - such a good idea!

  2. I hope you don't mind me replying but I was researching mentions of flat head syndrome on blogs for Their products may be of some interest.