Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Today is ...

For me, today is a day I have been looking forward to - just a change of scenery with some training, but at a hotel with a different set of people. I enjoy the sessions and I enjoy hearing from the group.

However, I had about 3 hours less sleep last night because of back ache and I just feel down now. Like I don't really have a lot to contribute. My eye lids are still heavy, my back still aching and I am uncomfortable.

At 29 weeks I am glad my sleep has lasted this long and I have my fingers and toes crossed that this was just a blip and that I will return to my normal sleep pattern soon. If not ....... I can just see the next 8 weeks being a little stressful. I don't function well with little sleep. I can be very impatient and in my job that isn't helpful.

On a positive note as I was awake early the baby seemed to be too - looks like I should get used to these early mornings! The only happiness I can take away from the baby being awake early mornings once he/she arrives is that at least I will be at home and able to not be polite to anyone as I will be mostly alone!! Or asleep when the baby is!! Which I definitely could do with today. Seems the baby wants to be awake between 3am and 5am but then will happily sleep until 9am this morning.

So sorry about the moan, I want to keep memories of this day just in case Andy ever says to me lets have a third or fourth child. :D

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