Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Something else to scare expectant mothers...

*I am not writing this from the point of view of scare mongering or even to create further awareness, this is topic I am interested and concerned about for my own child.*

This post scared the life out of me when I first read it - no canned goods, no plastic containers and organic food only. Well that's my good intentions out of the window....

We aren't poor but we have a budget and I don't currently think it could stretch to organic food because of the price. So I am making the choice to continue eating foods that could potentially harm my baby. That isn't a nice feeling. At all.

So the changes I can make - glass containers instead of plastic, limited canned goods and no baby bottles for as long as possible which just makes breastfeeding even more important to me.

I do feel that this article is a little extremist and even taking the above precautions might not help if the genetic predisposition exists. All I know is I would rather limit everything I can within my powers but at the end of the day what is meant to be will be and I genuinely believe that.

I am also of the opinion all baby jabs should be given individually and not in combinations because I believe that it over loads their under developed immune systems. I have researched our course of action by being based in the UK and although this has costs involved I still think its a decision I need to research further.

I talk quite often with my mum about protect freedom and this feels like one of my over thought topics, why is that good and best intentions often lead to more confusion?!

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