Friday, 29 June 2012

Growing your own vegetables

I think about growing our own vegetables quite often - I am not sure where to start or how to even go about it to be honest. Therefore it has been the subject to many a google search in my free time.

Firstly I would really like to try potatoes, we eat a fair amount of potatoes and I think that this could assist with finances whilst showing our little one how to live from what they have. Once I have mastered potatoes I think I might try tomatoes again, we were relatively successful the first year we  moved here but I didn't harvest in time and they got too ripe. Salad would be my next endeavour because again I eat a lot of salad and would be nice to have it so fresh!

I think that growing our own veg would have lots of benefits - I am hoping I would actually have the time to do it with the baby and my current ambitions, but it is still something I think would be majorly beneficial to us as a family. Getting us off of the sofa and into the fresh air.

Given the current condition of our garden - major landscaping works in progress - I think this is something I will continue to learn about but put off until the garden is sorted really. We are getting there slowly but surely and being pregnant doesn't help as I am not really able to do much to assist Andy with the hard work. The weather could do us a favour to and actually be nice this week so we might get somewhere!!

Anyways, I thought I would share what I have found just in case anyone else is thinking similar.

Potatoe growing

My mum knows how great I am at gardening so is probably chuckling to herself at the moment at the thought of me being interested in growing my own veg. I am sure I will learn to love gardening once we have got it to a state we can manage!

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