Thursday, 14 June 2012

I joined the library!

I am quite a restless soul and don't often just sit without doing something, I really enjoyed spending my summers off from school reading. Getting lost in some chick lit romance as I am a hopeless romantic!

So today after my midwife appointment today - measuring 26cm!! I popped to our local library and joined up. I was disappointed with the lack of selection of baby information books, the only one I could find was about breastfeeding so I did have to get it just to make sure I am as prepared as possible when baby arrives - anything I can do to make our adjustment a little easier or make myself feel more prepared I am up for doing whilst I can.

In addition to the breast feeding book I have a new read from Jill Mansell - major chick lit, pretty much the same foundation for each book but its always enough to take me off to a romantic dream!

Next time I visit the library I am hoping to find some books that Andy can read to the baby, we have one we read over and over but it would be nice to find some more! I hope to get our baby as enthusiastic about reading and learning as possible.

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