Saturday, 30 June 2012

25 to 29 weeks

I cannot believe that Monday 2nd of July I will reach 30 weeks of pregnancy. I will be 3/4 of the way to bringing our first child into the world.

I am really feeling the weight of carrying this baby on my back and hips at the moment, but managing to stay as active as possible to keep myself mobile.

Fortunately I will have 7 weeks left of work (wooohooo!) I have been listening to my hypnobirthing CD and it definitely has a positive effect on me because the baby gets a right wriggle on... which is cute because as he is getting bigger so are the jerky movements of my tummy :) as much as it genuinely is hard work being pregnant those movements really make me appreciate the life growing away in there.

So what's the opinion then? Boy or Girl? We don't know and I am not sure what the majority vote is - at work its boy so maybe I should organise a sweep stake!!

Let me know your thoughts .............

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