Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fathers Day in an expectant household

My sister sent Andy a fathers day card a couple days early but his little face was such a picture :) he is going to be the proudest daddy ever.

We had quite a busy day doing the rounds and catching up on errands - HATE how quickly the weekends seem to be going by. It was nice catching up with everyone though. Life can get away from me sometimes and I forget how much I genuinely enjoy seeing family. That sounds mean but preparing for a baby takes up a lot of time at the moment and I am so tired after work that evenings are mainly recovery time! I really feel blessed for the amount of support we have around us - can be overwhelming, but I am sure it will come in handy once this baby arrives!!

So I treated myself this evening; catching up on my blogs, preparing myself blogging and writing wise to allow me some time off when things get too much. I have so much planned and in the works I am quite excited! I just wish I could write and create for this space all the day. The nursery would be further accessorized if I had the time....

I also found an interesting article about some of the things expectant mothers aren't always told - with some tips thrown in to actually deal with what it identifies. Luckily I think my mum had warned me about most of these..... I just can't imagine sitting still for 6 weeks or at least taking it easy.

On the same website I found some interesting discussion points surrounding discipline and the job we have signed ourselves up for. I love to read especially topics that I am sure will frustrate me if I have no knowledge of how I want to deal with it. Disciplining a child is a very controversial topic and whilst I do appreciate our parents knowledge I want to do things how Andy and I see fit, not just because 'it's what we did'.

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