Sunday, 10 June 2012


So another surprising post about pregnancy!

I can't remember my original reasoning for looking into HypnoBirthing probably a moment of curiosity.

But ever since then I am hooked on the idea of what potential is within me to control my labor and embrace all aspects. I have always liked the idea of a medicine free labor where I could just progress and go with the flow so to speak. I think that the less intervention we have means a quicker recovery and adjustment to our new arrival.

Interestingly the Mongan method of HypnoBirthing was first introduced in 1989 (only the year I was born!) and is based on the work of an English physician that was first developed in 1933. The essence of the method is that fear draws blood away from the uterus making it unable to do its job effectively without pain. The 'pain' of childbirth is supposed to be a combination of fear, tension and ultimately the flight responses identified in the theory 'fight or flight'. Now, I must say at this point I am pregnant with my first child. Of course I am going to look for a solution to labor that gives me my desired outcome. As I only plan two labors in my life I figure this is my starting point because of my beliefs. This method suits me and I appreciate it will not suit everyone.

The biggest positive for me with respect to this idea is the involvement of your partner, I have been quite open with the fact I struggle keeping something that is about us to myself and whilst I appreciate my role at the moment, I love the idea of having Andy welcome our child into the world with a more hands approach. Through massage, keeping me focused through visualization techniques and knowing how I want things to progress should decisions need to be made. At this point I do not fully understand the HypnoBirthing process because I have yet to get Marie Mongan's book, this perspective has been adopted purely from the things I have read online.

I will be ordering my copy of the book shortly - just to get the learning started! I will be sure to write up my birth story once our little one arrives, I hope its a good as some of the birth stories I have read so far.

Useful information:
HypnoBirthing centre

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