Monday, 14 July 2014

Weekend Fundraising - for the Town Band

I have just finished one of the biggest projects of my life! Fundraising for the Town Band is part of my role as secretary and most of the time it really consists of booking the band at existing events.
This is was my first fundraising event solely run by the band. My organisational skills were well and truly put to the test!! Luckily I was given compliments on the day by stall holders who attend many craft events a year, which obviously made my day!

Not only was the event itself barely stressful for me it was an actual success. We added a very respectable amount to our funds and now the dilemma is what to spend the money on!

I will be writing out what we did and what fundraising activities worked best for us - a sort of evaluation for me to look back on should I do anything similar again (there are already plans) But also to try and help anyone else who is jumping in at the deep end like I did!!

Just to note too, I had about a year knowing this event was coming and did a lot of thinking and planning with the support of band members. Personally, I was pregnant and had a toddler - then a toddler and a new born whilst planning and executing this fundraiser! So believe me, anyone who puts their mind to it can achieve great results with the right planning and organisation. I also have excellent support from my family that looked after my babies, ran stalls, carried out jobs on the day and built so many things for the day. Truly blessed with my family.

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